About Us

Water Bill Calculator is a simple to use, completely impartial, online water bill estimating tool.

To work out your water bill, enter your meter readings or your water usage on the home page and you’ll be taken to our ‘Your Bill’ page to see a breakdown of your bill.

For a more accurate water estimate, enter the prices you pay for waste and fresh water then click calculate again.

A Brief History

In 2014, after several successful years of running our other utility bill calculation tools we wanted to add the final bill calculator tool to our collection.

We created the Water Bill Calculator to make working out your water bill online quick and simple with detailed feedback to help customers understand their bills.

In 2017 we gave the site a brand new look and added the much awaited Your Bill page to provide a chart breakdown of the components of a water bill.

Water Bill Calculator is completely impartial, covering its costs using only advertising. We want our visitors to have the best experience possible on our site so we don’t use affiliate marketing or paid placements – Our website is free for all.

Why Use a Water Bill Calculator?

There are lots of reasons to use a water bill calculator, here are just a few:

  1. Confirming the bill you have received from your water supplier is accurate.
  2. Getting an accurate bill when you have received an ‘estimated’ bill from your supplier.
  3. Checking the water you have used.
  4. Seeing an accurate breakdown of what makes up your water bill.

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