Water Bill Help

Water Bill Help If you need help understanding some of the terms used on your water bill, you'll find a collection of terms descriptions below:

Q: What is a 'Cubic Meter' or M3 of water?
A: A cubic meter of water is exactly equal to 1,000 litres. In imperial measurements, this is around 220 gallons or, to put this into context, around 12 baths or 20 showers.

Q: What are ‘fixed charges’?
A: Fixed charges are what your supplier charges you for things like billing, enquiries, admin and of course, the guy coming to read the meter. Different water companies charge different amounts and no two bills may have the same fixed charge amounts.

Q: What is the difference between an 'Actual' meter reading and an 'Estimate'?
A: If you see 'Actual' on your water bill as the type of reading this means someone has physically come and read your water meter. If you see 'Estimate' this normally means your bill is based on your water usage history and will not be as accurate as an actual reading.

Q: Where is my water meter?
A: Take a look at our Water Meters page where you will find all the information you need to find you water meter and read it.

Q: How can I pay my water bill?
A: Most suppliers will allow you to pay your bill by Direct Debit, Debit or Credit Card, Online, Post Office or PayPoint, Cash, or cheque. Check the bill from your supplier to see which payment methods they accept.

Q: How do I enter the values from my bill into the Water Bill Calcualtor?
A: If you're having trouble calculating your water bill with out calculator first ensure you are entering the values from your bill correctly. Unit rates should be in pence (p), if your bill states pounds (£) simply times (x) that figure by 100. Fixed charges should be in pounds (£). If you don't have your meter readings to hand, simply enter your usage in cubic meters (m3), this may be displayed on your bill as 'Volume m3'.