Water Meters

Your water meter measures the amount of water you use, this measurement is then used to calculate your water bill. Water meters often measure in cubic meters (M3) with a digit display to show the current usage.

How does a Water Meter Work?

Water meters work the same way as gas and electricity meters. They measure the flow of water through your pipes, incrementing a digit display for each cubic meter of water that passes through them.

When your water company representative reads your meter (usually twice per year), it is read from left to right. It is this number your bill is based on.

Where is my Water Meter?

Most water meters are located outside the boundary of the property however, they may also be in the front garden and in some cases, inside the house.

Take a look on the footpath outside your property. You will need to look for a small square cover approximately 5x5 inches. The water meter cover usually has the letter ‘W’ on the top or contain the word ‘Water’ or ‘Meter’.

If you’ve not found your water meter cover in the garden or pathway it may be inside the house. Take a look under the kitchen sink or near the stop-tap.

Once you have found your water meter cover there should be a small hole to allow the cover to be lifted up.

After you lift your water meter cover you may find the meter is submerged below grit and water, you will need to scoop out any dirt or water to read the meter correctly.

If you cannot find your water meter, contact your water supplier.

How do I read my Water Meter?

To read your water meter, you simply need to read the digits on the meter’s display from left to right.

Can I have my Water Meter removed?

Once a water meter is installed most water companies will not remove them.

If you are having trouble reading your meter due to its location you can ask for your meter to be moved to a more accessible location but there may be a charge for this.